RoboCup Logistics League Sponsored by Festo

The RoboCup Logistics League is a league of the annual international robotics competition RoboCup. It focuses on in-factory logistics applications. Following the RoboCup spirit this league’s objective is to enable scientific work in order to achieve a flexible solution of material and informational flow within industrial production using coordinated teams of autonomous mobile robots.

The task of the robots is to fetch raw materials from an input storage, move them in a particular sequence by machines and finally deliver them to a delivery area. A team consisting of three robots. Each robot builds on the standardized Festo Robotino robot platform which can be extended by sensors and computing power.

In 2015 the league will introduce a new challenge. In the past the production machines were simulated by
RFID read-/write devices with signals indicating the machine states. The major criticism towards the LLSF was that it is virtually impossible to understand the game from watching it, even if presented with an info display and oral explanation. Therefore the light signals with their RFID devices are substituted by Modular Production Systems (MPS) stations of Festo. MPSs are small production machines that process small cylinders (e.g., mounting a cap on a cylinder). These cylinders embody products within the factory scenario. By the physical manipulation of these products, the material flow and the production sequence of the goods become comprehensible.The competition field will be replaced by a simple PVC floor which might be bordered by some barrier. The following picture provides a first impression.