Information for presenters

- Interactive Sessions:

The authors of papers that will be presented in the Interactive Sessions should prepare a 4min presentation, leaving 1min for handing over to the next speaker (5min slots). Recommended length, 4 slides. Due to time constraints, this limit will be strictly enforced thus, please, make sure you stay within the allotted time.

There are no questions from the audience during this period. Questions will be deferred to the Poster Sessions that follow. Thus, use the presentation to advertize your work and invite attendants to your poster, rather than trying to squeeze too many details in the few slides.

We also ask the authors to prepare a poster, size A1 vertical, to be displayed in the coffee break area and foster interaction with the Symposium participants.

For practical reasons, we ask the authors of papers in both Interactive Sessions, to bring their posters and place them all on the boards before the beginning of the Symposium at 8am.

Finally, we also ask the authors to send us the slides by email until 22pm of the day before (22nd July) so that we can optimze the sessions management.

- Oral Sessions:

The authors of papers to be presented in the Oral Sessions should prepare a 15min presentation, leaving 5min of the 20min slots for questions from the audience and hand over.

Again, this limit will be strictly enforced. Please, during the coffee break that precedes your session, look for the respective session chair (to be annouced) and introduce yourself to allow a good session planning.