Demo Challenge and Workshop on Benchmarking Service Robots


Tasks, field and evaluation

    In the competition, robots from each team are required to perform several tasks in a 6m x 6m field and the robots’ actions will be perceived, processed and recorded by a motion capture system (e.g., OptiTrack) installed above the field. The collected data will be used for quantitatively measuring the performance of the robots (a similar competition has been launched in RoCKIn 2014, Toulouse, French, November 2014).

    The robots participated in the competition will be required to navigate in a known environment. The map can be created beforehand, but some objects may be moved just before or during the test. So the abilities of safe navigation and obstacle avoidance for dynamic obstacles are needed. The detail rulebook of the competition will be released soon.

    The workshop will include technical sessions for the participating teams to present their work.


    The venue of the competition is Anhui International Conference and Exhibition Center, the same venue of RoboCup 2015. The competition field is just neighbor to the fields of RoboCup@Home.

Qualification and Application Due

    All robot teams from universities or high-tech companies, including those already qualified for RoboCup@Home or RoboCup@Work, are welcome to apply for participation in the competition.

    NO registration fee is needed. However, any team must apply for their participation and be qualified by the TC of the competition.

    Please send your application form to Dr. Dongxiang Zhang at drscopus@ustc.edu.cn by June 15. The application form can be downloaded here.

Rules of the Competition

    The rulebook can be downloaded here.